Reflecting on who you are and why you’ve been (relatively) successful, isn’t a task for the faint-hearted, as I’ve found whilst writing this book. When you’re just working away at the challenges, ideas & dreams that occupies your days, you tend not to really notice your surroundings, the reasons for your specific actions or the consequences of the impulsive decisions you make.

Rockstar Business is however an analytical – and hopefully an inspirational – look at how I’ve turned myself into a self-branded Rockstar.

There is however a problem with that approach: when you’ve become a supposed master at marketing yourself; you tend to start believing your own hype. So the trick is in cutting through this self-imposed clutter and figuring out what it is exactly that has made me tick and basically allowed me to market myself as a Rockstar (you’d think that there’s at least *some* truth in this if you look at the evidence).

This book is a collection of a few inspirational & thought-provoking bits, which I’ve gathered on my journey in the last year. If I told you that I had empirical evidence to back up any of my claims, I’d be lying. I do however believe that my achievements thus far is sufficient evidence in this regard and at minimum, you should be able to evaluate my thoughts on face-value. The most important thing to consider is that I don’t believe that there is a right or wrong here; and that everything I say in Rockstar Business has worked for me, because I made it fit with my personality, my goals & my way of acting on those impulses.

If Rockstar Business just doesn’t work for you; then you haven’t approach its implementation (into your life / work) uniquely enough.

My Rockstar brand is self-created and whilst I’ve been successful enough to create some hype around that, I’m not an international celebrity or worth multiple millions. Instead I’m 25 years old and I’ve been able to draw my own canvas until now. And it is within that space, that I’ve found immense inspiration, self-confidence and extreme happiness. In this book, I’d like to share those thoughts in the hope that you too can find the inspiration, self-confidence and happiness that I associated with being a Rockstar.

So if you’re looking for a How to be successful / make millions / work only 4 hours a week type of book, then you need to look again, because Rockstar Business isn’t that either. I don’t have any rules or 3-step plans which will guarantee success either, because I don’t believe in following & copying someone else.

Ultimately, no one reading this book can beat me at being “Adii Rockstar”, but if you take the ideas & inspiration presented in Rockstar Business & implement those in your own unique ways, you’d be a little closer to being part of – or even better – running a Rockstar Business.

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